Previous Years Talks

2018 Talks

January - Speaker: Alan & Cheryl Gerrard

   - The Story of Stoke-on-Trent and Lidice. 

February - Speaker: Keith Meeson 

   - Clogging It Up The Cut

March - Speaker: Neil Collingwood 

   - A Pub Crawl Through History

April - Speaker: Cath Walton 

   - Leek: A Hidden Gem

May - Speaker: Philip Leese 

   - How Not to Write Local History

June - Speaker: Lyndon Murgatroyd

   - Plague, Pox and Pestilence

July - Speaker: The Rev. David Leese. 

   - Harvey Adams: Methodist, Manufacturer and Martyr.

August - Speaker: Bill Bratt. 

   - An Apprenticeship in Mining.

September - Speaker: Kath Reynolds.

   - Potters’ Holidays.

October- Speaker: Catherine Burgass 

   - Bennett, Burslem and The Burden of History 

November - Speaker: Shaun Farrelly

   - James Brindley: The Father of British Canal Engineering

December - Speaker: Holly Reynolds

   - Walking Back to Happiness: Music of the 50s and 60s

2017 Talks

January - Speaker: Philip Leese 

   - Paradise Lost: The Story of Clough Hall Gardens 

February - Speaker: Jon Honeysett 

   - Story of His Father's Involvement in WW1

March - Speaker: Teresa Fox-Wells 

   - The Regeneration of Middleport Pottery

April - Speaker: Ray Johnson 

   - The Lost Films of Burslem

May - Speaker: Judy Hubble 

   - Shugborough: A Brief History

June - Speaker: Michael Fisher 

   - A.W.N. Pugin: The Staffordshire Connection

July - Speaker: Carol Gorton & Barbara Hall 

   - Arnold Bennett's Bursley

August - Speaker: Philip Leason 

   - Stone: Canal Town

September - Speaker: Steve Booth 

   - The Potteries Blitz

October- Speaker: Mervyn Edwards 

   - Potteries Parks 

November - Speaker: Elise Turner

   - Voices of North Staffordshire

December - Speaker: Bill Durose 

   - Christmas Customs

2016 Talks

January - Speaker: Ann Watkins 

   - The Kiplings & MacDonalds with particular reference to Burslem 

February - Speaker: Bill Bratt 

   - Growing up in Burslem in the 1950's

March - Speaker: Judy Common 

   - The History of Downton in Costume

April - Speaker: Ray Elks 

   - The Royal Secrets of Spode

May - Speaker: Jim Worgan 

   - Colleries of North Staffordshire administered 

      by the National Coal Board

June - Speaker: Neil Collingwood 

   - From Bucknall to Cellarhead

July - Speaker: Bernard Lovatt 

   - Bone to Bone China: The Story of a Potters Mill, 1857-2016

August - Speaker: Alan Lewis 

   - Women at War

September - Speaker: Paul Niblett 

   - Gladstone Pottery Museum

October- Speaker: Barbara Andrew 

   - Tea Towel Tales: The Social History of the Tea Towel 

November - Speaker: Lev Wood 

   - Dear Duchess (Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland)

December - Speaker: John Baddeley 

   - The Life & Story of George Formby

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