Speakers at The Club

Dr Catherine Burgass, "Bennett, Burslem & the Burden of History"

Oct 2018

Kath Reynolds, "Potters Holidays"

Sep 2018

Bill Bratt, "An Apprenticeship in Mining

August 2018

Rev. David Leese, "Methodist, Manufacturer and Martyr"

July 2018

Lyndon Murgatroyd, "Plague, Pox & Pestilence"

June 2018

Philip Leese: "How Not to Write Local History"

May 2018

Cath Walton, "Leek: A Hidden Gem"

April 2018

Neil Collingwood, "A Pub Crawl Through History"

March 2018

Keith Meeson, "Clogging It Up The Cut"

Feb 2018

Alan & Cheryl Gerrard, "Story of Stoke-on-Trent and Lidice"

Jan 2018

Bill Durose, "Christmas Customs"

Dec 2017

Elise Turner, "Voices of North Staffordshire"

Nov 2017

Mervyn Edwards, "Potteries Parks"

Oct 2017

Steve Booth, "Potteries Blitz"

Sep 2017

Philip Leason MBE, "Stone,  Canal Town"
Aug 2017

Les Powner and Carol Gorton, "Arnold Bennett's Bursley, "
July 2017.

The Rev. Michael Fisher, "Pugin, A Passion For Gothic"
June, 2017.

Judy Hubble: A Brief History of Shugborough Hall. May, 2017
Contact: judehubb1207@yahoo.co.uk

Ray Johnson: The Lost Films of Burslem, Recent Digitisations. April, 2017.

Teresa Fox-Wells: The Regeneration of Middleport Pottery.  March, 2017.

Speaker Jon Honeysett, February 2017

Speaker Philip Leese fields questions from Pat Barnard, January 2017.

Jon Baddeley, telling the Story of George Formby in Song and Words, 

December 2016.

Judy Common, "The History of Downton in Costume"

March 2016

Joan Walley MP, our speaker, March 2015 and Club Secretary Elaine Sutton

Ann Watkins, costume historian, with Margaret
Montgomery as he model.  Saggar Makers pub, Burslem, 2007.

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